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The primary difference between cast stone and natural stone is cast stone's ability to be formed into complex shapes and designs while maintain- ing the strength characteristics of natural stone. We can even match the colors of another material, something natural stone can naver do. Cast Stone Vs. Natural Limestone? When comparing cast stone products to quar-ried stone, three factors need to ...

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Limestone requires relatively low maintenance and adds greater value to a property than cast stone every time, meaning resale values are higher, too. 4. Durability and Long-term Maintenance

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What is the difference between precast concrete copings and cast stone copings? Although the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, the materials are different.

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Its color is retained longer than limestone. Cast stone can take on any shape. "Is there a difference between cast stone and precast concrete?" Yes. Precast concrete can refer to wall panels, floor and roof slabs, catch basins, landscaping and retaining walls as well as building products such as: lintels, sills and coping. Cast Stone is a refined architectural concrete building unit ...

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Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels available in the USA and Canada. Elegant textures and colors to choose from including limestone open cast and sahara diamond.

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The soft pale look of limestone mantels has always appealed to you. It is as elegant as marble (and as formal) but not so cold, not so formidable. The question you might be wondering about is the difference between real limestone and cast stone composites, which you've heard about.

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The Venitian. Condominium Apartments in Brooklyn, NY. Material used: Cast Stone, Modular Pavers

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Natural Stone: A Study On Cast Stone 3 For those considering cast stone, a man-made material that some believe gives the appearance of limestone, it's worth exploring the common uses, limitations, and long-term liabilities associated

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Learn the pros and cons of cast stone vs. natural limestone for buildings and construction, and why more than initial price needs to be considered.

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2013-02-23· Frequently Asked Questions – American Cast Limestone FAQ Page Cast limestone is made from select crushed … Is there a difference between cast limestone and … and appearance between cast limestone, cast stone, …

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2008-03-29· Most resin pieces are cast in colors that match the brown, ivory, red, and yellow colors of travertine. There are also colors that mimic the greens and similar colors of limestone. There are not many resin castings that mimic marble and granite because of the translucent color and veining of the actual stone. Acceptable matches are very difficult to produce.

Cast stone and precast concrete products

The difference between high end cast stone and precast concrete is easily seen, and even the novice can appreciate the high quality limestone like finish on a cast stone product. Made with old time European techniques and using crushed limestone in our mix which gives our product a very special texture and quality, unseen in normal precast products.

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What is Cast Stone and what is the difference between Cast Stone and precast concrete? Comparison of Materials (PDF) One way to explain it is that cast stone is a non structural masonry element used within the masonry veneer system, while precast concrete is best used as a structural building element.

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It is an excellent alternative for natural cut limestone, brownstone, sandstone, bluestone, granite, slate, keystone, travertine and other natural building stones. Cast stone can maintain durable physical properties that exceed most natural cut building stones. Thus, …

Cast Stone Comparison

That makes Cast Stone an excellent replacement for natural cut limestone, sandstone, brownstone, bluestone, slate, granite, travertine, and other natural building stones. Cast Stone is so durable, in fact, that US Cast Stone standards provide for a product of "infinite life" - which means in excess of 100 years.

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Cast stone is a solid material as well, but the difference is cast stone is the same "sugar cube" look throughout. So this can be cut in field without needing any further finishing. Although the two materials are frequently confused, the cast stone's superiority vs traditional Pre Cast is that cast limestone and cast stone has the color and aggregate matrix consistency throughout.

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There is a marked difference between Cast Stone, limestone, precast concrete, and architectural precast concrete in terms of product use, appearance, strength, durability and imperviousness to dirt. Click here for comparison chart.

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Cast stone or reconstructed stone is a concrete masonry product simulating natural-cut stone and is used in architectural applications. Cast stone is used for architectural features: trim, or ornament; facing buildings or other structures; and for garden ornaments .

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The biggest difference between architectural precast concrete and cast stone is that cast stone isn't permitted to contain bugholes or air voids and must have a fine-grained texture, which is normally achieved by acid etching.

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We do not dilute our limestone with plaster or gypsum, for this makes a huge difference in the structural integrity and product longevity. For the eco-friendly, our limestone aggregate is a reclaimed byproduct of the quarrying process and is LEED qualified .

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2017-05-11· Want to know the differences in texture between Limestone and Cast Stone? For this demonstration, we picked a random piece of Limestone from our stock yard and a sample block of one of our standard cast stone colors.

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Cast Limestone is a mixture of highly refined crushed natural limestone mixed with portland cement as a binder. Since the main ingredient is actual limestone, our product has the look of natural limestone. The advantage of using cast limestone vs. actual limestone is the price. Although no man made material can reproduce exactly what "Mother Nature" can, it's an excellent substitution.

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Cast Stone is an excellent replacement for natural cut limestone, brownstone, sandstone, bluestone, granite, slate, keystone, travertine and other natural building stones History of Cast Stone Cast Stone has been a prime building material for hundreds of years.

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Adair Limestone Adair Georgian Blend Adair Masonry Units - Blue-Grey Adair Masonry Units - Sepia Thin Masonry All Thin Masonry Arris.Clip Renaissance® Arris.Tile Renaissance® Arris.Stack Thin Stone Coastal Thin Building Stone Midtown Thin Building Stone Thin Adair® Limestone Brick Arriscraft Contemporary Brick Architectural Linear Series Brick Arriscraft Tumbled Vintage Brick ARRIS-cast ...

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Concrete, in contrast, is made using a wet cast process; that is, water is added to the aggregate and then the mixture is poured into a mould.

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Cost Comparison of Cast Stone, Precast Concrete and Limestone *The tables below contain mean average prices, taken from a survey we did in January 2003.

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Cast stone is often used on projects where limestone or sandstone is preferred. However, the cast stone is much cheaper and offers a close enough alternative to be accepted. However, the cast stone is much cheaper and offers a close enough alternative to be accepted.

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Cast stone is an imitation stone made of Portland cement, chemical admixtures and aggregates such as quartz, limestone, sand or granite. Cast stone is easier to work with than natural stone. Is precast concrete the same as cast stone?

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